Cruising Cross Country

We recently took to the highway for a leisurely road trip to spend some treasured time with each other, friends and family. Our road trip route! Over the course of two weeks, eight states, and 3,375 miles, we took the opportunity to build upon a trip that initially started as a […]

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Ahoy From Sweden!

Just back from a really nice visit to one my dearest friends whom I’ve known since grad school and someone whom I’ve seen a lot of this gorgeous world with. Jenny (aka “La GG” or “the Greek Goddess”, a moniker adopted from our Mediterranean adventures) and I made a pact […]

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Harvest Moon Regatta

Living ashore has by no means left us landlocked. Since our return to Texas, we’ve been welcomed aboard an armada of sailboats. For us, this has really helped bridge the distance between cruising and landlife. Through former marina neighbors, cruising connections and newfound friends from this blog, it seems there’s […]

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Transitioning to Terra Firma

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of transition and travel. Our home for a week at Herrington Harbor in MD Last we left you, we were in Solmons Island, MD. We’re now some 1200 miles away in Texas! And a lot has happened along the way. After […]

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Shark Week, The Bahamas Edition

In honor of Shark Week, we’re showcasing our experiences with some of the best Bahamas’ shark spots. Feeding a nurse shark in Compass Cay From friendly to fiercesome, you can find a range of species making their home among the 700+ Bahamian islands and cays. We’ll give you a glimpse […]

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North From Norfolk

Kaleo and crew left Norfolk Sunday morning on the cusp of a heat wave bound for Deltaville, VA, about a day’s sail up the Chesapeake.  A Navy ship heading out of the Hampton Roads on our way to Deltaville As we passed by the marina in Deltaville we caught a […]

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Portsmouth & Norfolk, VA

From the Outer Banks we ventured across the Albemarle Sound and while it shares a similarly precarious reputation with the Pamlico, we had a safe and smooth crossing to Coinjock, NC. Crossing the Currituck Sound, NC On Tuesday we pulled into (or rather through) the small North Carolina town of […]

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Adventures Along the OBX

After our fill of fun in Oriental, we elected to take the less traveled route up the East Coast by way of the Outer Banks, a chain of barrier islands about 30 miles off the east coast of North Carolina. Pitstop into “River Dunes” en route to the OBX Affectionately […]

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Exploring Beaufort and Oriental, NC

On Tuesday, we untied from the dock in Carolina Beach, waved goodbye to Auntie Linda, and continued north toward Beaufort, the third oldest town in North Carolina and pronounced “BO-fert” as opposed to the “Bu-fert” of SC. Oh the company you’ll keep sailing along the ICW It was a two […]

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Visiting Family in Carolina Beach

We had a wonderful week+ stay at the “Ritz Carlson!” On Saturday, Kaleo glided into a guest slip at Auntie Linda’s condo on Carolina Beach where we would spend the next nine days lounging, learning lots of new ways to slay sea creatures (thanks Jim!), and soaking up treasured time […]

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