On the way to Moab we realized the Four Corners Monument (where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet) was fairly close by and made an on the road decision to go for it. But we really had to go for it, as they allow the last car in at 4:45. The GPS said we would arrive at 4:38 but it’s usually calculated for a regular car’s average speed, not a lumbering bus like ours.

But we said what the heck, gave it a go and arrived just in the nick of time to be the last vehicle let in. Which gave us 15 minutes to snap a few pics, but that was fine given the wind was blowing more than 20 mph and nearly freezing outside.

We all picked a state to sit in and realized it’s probably the only time we’d ever let our young kids be in another state all on their own. A fun little pitstop.

Next stop: still Arches National Park!



  1. Nicole Pacchiano

    Love this!

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