Salvation Mountain is Leonard Knight’s tribute to God and his gift to the world with its simple yet powerful message: “God Is Love.”

A man-made mountain, 50 foot high, built from Adobe clay and donated paint, Leonard spent most of his adult life building it. The mountain and tunnel system are almost Dr. Suess-like and feature a Sea of Galilee at the bottom, a big red heart in the middle, and a the cross at the very top.

It’s an impressive piece and even more so when you realize one man dedicated his life to building it and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others. 

Located in the Southern California desert at the entrance to Slab City (“the last free place in America”, they claim), it took us a few sets of meandering roads and probably the bumpiest 2 miles of dirt road to arrive. But what a spectacle it was. We climbed to the mountain top, ran through the tunnels and took in all the Scripture and Biblical messages painted on every structure across the property.

After exploring, contemplating all that Leonard built, and reflecting on what Jesus has done for us, we quietly drove away into the sunset.

Next stop: Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve and Carrizo Plain National Monument to check out this year’s spectacular California superbloom! 

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