The sail from Little to Dollar Harbour was an easy downwind run highlighted by cracking open a fresh coconut we had gathered a few days before.

After whacking the coconut with just about every heavy thing on board it finally succumbed to a large pipe wrench. It provided a half glass of milk and a ton of rich, white coconut meat. It was a bit too sweet for Matt, but Christie enjoyed some for an afternoon snack and we shared the rest with “MG”.

Coconut waiting to be cracked

The perfect sailing snack

Enjoying fresh coconut wasn’t our only first that day. Up next, we sailed alongside a rapidly moving squall that dropped another first for us. Off our port side, we watched as a waterspout danced beautifully about a mile from our course line and entrance into Dollar Harbour.

Squall off our port side

With winding waterspout

The narrow channel leading into the anchorage is already tricky to enter with many shoals, rocks, and submerged reefs. Albeit captivating, the approaching storm gave us one more potential obstacle to manage as we navigated our course. Thankfully the squall passed south of us and we were able to anchor uneventfully.

Once the hook was secured, Christie went for another first by baking homemade, all-natural english muffins for the crews. Topped with Nutella, they were a delish dinner dessert and made for hearty breakfast sandwiches the following morning as we got underway for the Jumentos.

N 23° 11.75 / W 75° 15.32

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