With a good overview of the Grand Canyon under our belts, we spent the next week exploring as much as possible. “Theo” was parked just off a rarely used forest service road, minutes from the park entrance (thank you Campendium for guiding us to so many beautiful, remote locations lately). After each day of adventure, this gave us the chance to retreat and rest away from the (surprising amount) of hustle and bustle within the park.

Here on the limitless horizon, the scale is humbling. Uplifting. Impossible to grasp. A vertical mile deep. 277 miles long and ten miles wide from the north rim to the south rim. Grand Canyon is one of the few natural landmarks visible from space. A vista that stretches out over the edge of the imagination. Immense and intimate.” – Grand Canyon: A Journey of Wonder

While there we:
  • Watched the beautiful IMAX Grand Canyon film and learned about John Wesley Powell’s expedition to map the area
  • Strolled along the South Canyon Rim Trail with jaw dropping (and sometimes gut wrenching) views plunging 5,000 feet from rim to river within the canyon
  • Hiked the Bright Angel Trail down into the Canyon, complete with getting to share the narrow path (er, ledge!) with a pack mule train that forged ahead of us headed down to deliver supplies to Phantom Ranch
  • Recovered from our hike at Bright Angel Lodge with a really great lunch with signature peach cobbler
  • Rode the Hermit’s Rest bus route out to the “Abyss” and a few other phenomenal vistas
  • Took a sunset drive to Grandview Point to experience the surreal changing colors of the canyon walls as the shadows slowly dance their way across the expanse
  • Spent the morning at the Dessert View Watchtower which afforded unbelievable views over the north end of the canyon
  • Earned their sixth national Junior Ranger badges after completing a week’s worth of activities approved by the entertaining Ranger Lance

The Grand Canyon is so much more than simply a canyon to look at. It is awe-inspiring and we believe it will definitely be a spot we return to as a family. In the meantime, a great book we have, Seeing God in America: Devotions from 100 Favorite Places, says it well – “Every glimpse of the Grand Canyon should remind us of a greater canyon and a cross shaped bridge [in Jesus].”


  1. nicole pacchiano

    Love how you are sharing this adventure!!! Thanks for being so diligent in posting lots and lots of pics! Hugs!

    • Christie Butcher

      Love knowing you’re along for the virtual ride. We think of you guys often. Muchos besos!!

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