WOW! That’s what the G’s said when we pulled into the gypsum dunes of White Sands National Monument. And the next two days were full of all kinds of sand-filled fun – sledding, sliding, climbing, jumping, rolling, trucking, shoveling, raking, popsicling and more. 

It seemed to be the perfect time of year to visit as the days were warm but the sand was still cool. And soft, so so soft and powdery, in fact it rivaled some of the most amazing Bahamian beaches we’ve sailed to. 

We stayed in Alamogordo, NM and took the Jeep out to spend the morning in the sand, then toured the town and a pistachio ranch (that boasts the largest, 30′ tall, pistachio nut in the world) across from our campsite.  We brought “Theo” out to the white sands and set up camp another day, which made it easy to play, take shady breaks and have lunch and showers while surrounded by 50 foot dunes. After stopping by the visitor center to receive hard earned Jr. Ranger badges, it was on to Cracker Barrel (which has very convenient RV parking) for dinner in Las, Cruces, NM.

Next stop: Tucson, AZ!



  1. This looks incredible.

  2. Sharon Anderson

    Ah, Alamogordo. Been there many times. It kind of interesting terrain. Cool about the junior ranger badges!

    • Christie Butcher

      Thanks for coming along for the virtual ride (much safer ;o). We’re up to TEN stamps in our Passports. I’ll post a photo of them soon. THANK YOU again for gifting them to us. Such a great idea.

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