Kaleo has a salon (living/dining room), galley (kitchen), head (bathroom with hot water shower), v-berth and quarter berth (bedrooms), navigation station (home office), and a cockpit and deck (patios). There are several book nooks on board with the main one being tucked behind the fold-down salon table. Kaleo also has a ton of storage space in virtually every nook and cranny of the hull which helps keep the living spaces more organized. We even have a water car (dinghy) that resides on deck when we’re not using it. Welcome to our humble abode.

Entrance view of the salon and galley from the companionway (front door)

Inside the salon with hallway to the head and v-berth

The galley with refrigerator in the countertop cabinet on left and a pantry in the countertop cabinet on right

The v-berth

View of the galley, navigation station and companionway from the salon




  1. Love the pictures! Our boat looks very similar inside, except we have a lot of refinishing to do. This will motivate us, as it looks great! We don’t have the wood floors … nice!

  2. Love how you took pictures of the inside. Very classy! Looks very inviting and cozy! This is how I think of the inside of a sailboats when I think of the classics! You both have done an amazing job!

    • Thanks for the kuddos on our little home. We agree that it feels cozy and reminiscent of the interior of those great classics. Love your surf and sail site! Looks like you really enjoy the ocean as well and have captured some incredible photos. It was great to hear from you and we look forward to keeping in touch.

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