We spent the beginning of this week celebrating our second anniversary in the quaint village of Hope Town on the beautiful island of Elbow Cay, a boomerang-shaped barrier to the mainland of Abaco in the Bahamas.

Kaleo resting in Hope Town Harbour

With Kaleo secured on a mooring ball in Hope Town Harbour, we dinghied over to the lighthouse dock and climbed 101 spiraling stairs up to the top. After crouching through the Alice In Wonderland-sized doorway leading out the observation deck, we were greeted by a breathtaking, 360° view of the deep blue Atlantic ocean, the turquoise and green Sea of Abaco and the lush cays dotting its surface.

Elbow Reef Lighthouse

Probably the most recognizable landmark in Abaco, the Elbow Reef Lighthouse was built in 1862 and is one of only two manually-operated kerosene-fueled lighthouses left in the world. Towering at about 120 feet tall, its light can be seen from 23 nautical miles away. And every two hours each night the lighthouse keeper must climb to the top to hand crank the weight and pulley systems that maintains a sequence of five white flashes every 15 seconds. Click here to take your own video tour up through the lighthouse courtesy of a fellow Hope Town visitor.

 Towering at 120 feet tall, its light can be seen from 23 nautical miles away.

 Looking out over Hope Town Harbour from inside the Elbow Reef Lighthouse.

Crossing out of the lighthouse chamber onto the outer observation deck.

 Enjoying the view of Hope Town Harbour from the top of the Elbow Reef Lighthouse.

After taking in the gorgeous views, we returned to our dinghy and putted over to the town side of the harbor. There, we strolled the narrow, flower-lined streets past brightly decorated cottages and into small (air-conditioned) gift shops. Naturally, after spotting the ice cream shop, we stopped for a cone of “Carmelicious” and to take refuge from the heat of the day.

Hope Town Harbour Lodge overlooking the Atlantic

 Overlooking the Atlantic from the patio of Hope Town Harbour Lodge.

Later that evening, we dinghied to the waterfront deck of Harbour’s Edge Restaurant and chose a cozy table overlooking Kaleo resting in the harbour with the lighthouse stately standing in the skyline behind.

Harbour’s Edge Restaurant

We treated ourselves to a dinner of lobster and BBQ ribs with a variety of classic Bahamian sides and then ventured over to another recommended restaurant’s deck, Capt’n Jack’s, for an after-dinner drink and a decadent piece of silk chocolate pie.

Under the light of a radiant full moon, we motored back to Kaleo with gratitude for such an adventurous year of marriage and excitement for what the next year will bring.

N 26° 32.22 / W 76° 57.55

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  1. What beautiful pictures! Looks like a great place to celebrate.

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