Timeless, peaceful and encompassed by the cold crystal clear Frio River and majestic Old Baldy mountain.

If you have yet to experience Garner State Park, our words won’t do it justice. Get there. You won’t regret one moment exploring it. This park holds such a special place in the hearts of Texans who for many, return each year having “grown up at Garner”.

We spent almost a week playing alongside the river’s edge, hiking beautiful trails to explore Crystal Cave, and enjoying all the vivid colors and beauty Garner has to offer. And boy did we luck out with our campsite neighbors. On each side of us were friendly, kind-hearted folks who had captivating stories, enjoyed the company of our kids and were frankly, pretty hard to say goodbye to so quickly.

To top it all off, Christie’s parents joined us for the weekend, which made for great memories  together and a special send-off for our trip.


  1. Hi to all you Butchers from Barbara and Henry. Love your web page with those wonderful pictures and note that you graciously included us in you blog. Meeting you has been the highlight of our trip. Garner is our favorite park of the three Texas parks we’ve now stayed at. All different and somewhat influenced by the weather. Christie, we really enjoyed the Morning Glory Muffins, YUM. Hopefully your trip continues to go well and that the weather has been better than the rainy, overcast, windy weather we’ve been experiencing over the past 10 days or so. One day of steady rain at Guadalupe State Park resulted in closed trails for the remaining three days of our stay. Please say hi to Gracie and Grant for us. Hugs and best wishes for safe travels. Look forward to keeping up with your adventure.
    God’s Blessings.
    Barbara and Henry

    • Christie Butcher

      Helloooooo Barbara and Henry,

      Please forgive such a tardy reply to your thoughtful note here. And thank you for checking out our little website. It’s been a great space for us to share photos and updates with friends and family. We hope you’ve had a chance to get those taxes filed and are back out enjoying God’s beautiful creation. We just loved meeting you in Garner and think of you often. Gracie and Grant say hello.

      Christie and Matt

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