Big Bend National Park is well deserving of the b-i-g in its name. At over 800,000 acres (easily holding the entire state of Maryland), we could have spent weeks exploring it. In our few days there, we were constantly awe struck and enjoyed:

  • Exploring the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive
  • Hiking amazing trails including Balanced Rock and Santa Elena Canyon
  • Lunching at the Chisos Mountain Lodge
  • Scouting about in the once bustling mining villages of Lajitas, Terlingua, and Study Butte
  • Sleeping under the expansive Texas night sky
  • Wondering if we’ll actually see resident bears, mountain lions and snakes (we didn’t, which disappointed the kids and delighted this momma)
  • Earning National Park Jr. Ranger badges while learning about the natural wonders of the region

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